Scheme activity

North East Immediate Care responders are healthcare professionals who give up their free time to respond to 999 emergency calls as unpaid volunteers. They bring additional skills and equipment to support the ambulance service and aid patients in need.

North East Immediate Care covers all of the North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust area, this is an area of approximately 3230 square miles with a population of over 2.7 million people.

How we will use your funding


Marked emergency response cars would massively aid our team to provide our live saving service to the people of the North East. Marked cars also increase the safety of our responders as they can be seen more easily and make our team more identifiable on scene at incidents. Suitable emergency services specification vehicles cost around £28,000 – £38,000.

The Lucas mechanical chest compression device is proven to provide consistent high quality chest compressions to a patient suffering a cardiac arrest. It provides many advantages in the prehospital world where for example, number of staff can be limited it can take over the work of one person, it can also provide high quality chest compression during patient transport. These cost around £10500 each

Access to point of care ultrasound can aid in making decisions which significantly effect a patient’s treatment and outcome. Being able to ‘see inside’ a patient in real time allows responders to tailor care to that patient and to identify issues. The GE Vscan extend ultrasound units are self-contained compact units which do not need to be connected to other devices to work. They have a good battery life and are easy to operate in the pre hospital world. These cost around £5000 each.

Defibrillators are a vital piece of equipment to treat patients suffering cardiac arrest, in heart rhythms which could benefit from defibrillator every minute without treatment could reduce a patients chance of survival by 10%.

Response Bag and Equipment. These medical backpacks allow our responders to safely carry medical and other specialised equipment to patients. They also protect the equipment from damage. They are packed with life saving equipment.

Funding for ongoing operation requirements 

There are several ongoing costs which we are seeking funding for in order to provide our service.

Specialist vehicle insurance costs around £1500 per year, this provides extra cover for emergency response allowing us to reach patients quickly.

We also need to ensure that vehicles are kept in a high standard of repair, servicing costs around £600 per vehicle per year.

As a service which uses vehicles to reach patients, we need around £2500 per year, per vehicle, for fuel.

Can you help support our life saving work?

Are you a business, community or sports group who could help our life saving work?

North East Immediate Care depend upon donations to help sick and injured people in our community, if your business, community or sports group would like to discuss how you could help our work please contact us.

We are always interested in engaging with local businesses, community or sports groups, if you would like our volunteers to visit your group or event to explain our work please contact us.